Tour Supplies


Deluxe Backline Australia

So you have your tour all sorted? Hotels, flights, vehicles booked. You've arranged your backline, and have all the major rider requirements finalised. But what about everyday consumables required for your show? Batteries, Gaffa Tape, Spare Drum Heads and Guitar Strings... Oh, yeah... forgot about that.

Here at Deluxe Audio, we aim to be your one-stop shop for everything you'll need for your gig. While we cannot supply you with slabs of beer, or other band required narcotics, we can supply you with almost everything else!

Please contact us to pre-order your tour consumables, as we may not have everything in stock at the time of your order... Besides, if you just turn up, you might end up spending a chunk of the tour budget on our ridiculous amount of boutique guitar pedals, in our store Deluxe Guitars!

Here is our current Hire Price-List: Deluxe Audio Hire Inventory List

If you wish to make a booking, please call us anytime on: (03) 9686 4755
You can also email us: