Deluxe Backline Australia

The Deluxe Philosophy is simple: "IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!"

The Deluxe Objective

At Deluxe Audio, we aim to provide high quality equipment and service to our customers in a stress-free manner. Our name is our aim...

History of Deluxe Audio

Formally Sound Solution Australia, Our history brings us back to 1991, with a partnership between Dave Rees and Tony Shanahan. From backyard workshop beginnings, we have gradually expanded to a 10,000 square foot factory located in South Melbourne, only minutes away from most of the city based corporate venues. Proudly a family oriented business, Tony's sons James and Michael have joined the fold over the past few years to continue the professional approach to customer service.

The Deluxe Network

Due to our experience in many types of events in many locations around the country, we have established a comprehensive netwrok of operational partners whom we find have similar ideals and attitude towards customer service. If you have any Audio/Visual requirements in any part of the country, we are confident that we can engage local services who will do you proud, and at a realistic price.

Industry Trends

All staff are active in researching latest developments in technology. We have regular discussions about how the new technology can be applied to our situation. Currently there are giant leaps being made in digital audio. A balance needs to be found between the very new VS tried and proven technology. All plant equipment is turned over regularly so that the equipment supplied is generally current models and of the latest design and top quality. We have in place effective maintenance schedules to ensure that equipment arrives at the job in 100% working condition.


We have many years of experience in dealing with entertainers at every level. Entertainers can require a huge degree of understanding of their personal requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to put performers at ease with our attention to detail and attitude. The performer's confidence in the supplied equipment and operational personnel can be a major factor in the quality of their performance.

Occupational Health And Safety & Insurance

Be assured that we are fully compliant with current legislation and are well experienced at dealing with safety requirements and documentation as required by venues and event co-ordinators. Our safety record is exemplary. We have never lost a single man-hour due to event related accidents.

We have $20M Public Liability Coverage. We have additional $20M Third Party Property Insurance for our motor vehicles, which is not usually covered by complany public liabililty cover.

Cancellation Policy

Any jobs that have been confirmed and booked in are considered billable in their entirety at the time of confirmation by the hirer. Cancellations after this point of either the entire job, or individual components of the job will be charged at 100% full rate if cancelled within 48 hours of the job start time / 50% rate if cancelled within 72 hours of the job start time. All weekend job start times are considered to be the Friday at 10:00am.

Hire Terms & Conditions

We require all hires to have a Pre-Authorization on your Credit/Debit Card on collection of the job. This Pre-Authorization will act as your security deposit, only to be charged if/when hires are returned late, or to charge for damages. The amount to be authorized is Three Times the Hire Charge up to a maximum of $1000.00.

Pre-Authorization amounts are set aside by your credit card company for up to 14 days and will temporarily affect your available funds balance or spending limit.

Deluxe Audio are unable to release the hold on these funds upon return of your hire. If you need to access these funds earlier, please contact your bank for assistance as each bank treats Pre-Authorization differently.

Payment for all hires may be made with a Credit Card, Cash, Debit Card, or EFTPOS, after the Pre-Auth charge has been approved. WE DO NOT ACCEPT payment for hires with Cheque, or Bank Transfer.

Please see our Deluxe Audio Hire Application for full terms and conditions.