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30w 2-Channel Head

Orange AD30TC 30w 2-Channel Head

Per Day : $55
Per Week: $165

Nothing beats the snap and definition you will experience from a class A amplifier fully cranked! It is a tone that no amount of transistor or digital circuitry can mimic. Take a look at any modeling amplifier and you will always find this sound missing. Furthermore, ask any guitar magazine reviewer and they will tell you the same thing. Of all the amplifier manufacturers, no one captures this sound as perfectly as Orange! The perfect guitar sound? We like to think so!

Channel 1... Voiced with slightly less gain and slightly more head room, channel 1 allows you to fully crank the master to obtain a super loud clean tone saturated with warmth. Start dialing in the gain control, and channel 1 will take you seamlessly through snappy break up into crunchy rhythm and finally, full on distortion. This channel is perfect for any rhythm guitar part whether you're playing country, blues, punk or rock!

Channel 2... From warm clean to full on distorted lead guitar, channel 2 has it all! Voiced with more gain, the Orange engineers designed Channel 2 for a fully driven distortion sound without losing the purity of it's clean tone. It's this tonal verity that makes the AD twin channel amplifiers so incredibly versatile! Of course you could use channel 1 for clean and channel 2 for lead. But what about channel 1 from distorted rhythm and channel 2 for distorted lead boost. Or even channel 2 for rhythm clean and channel 1 for a loud clean solo boost! The options are endless and the choices are yours.


  • power: 30 watts, Class A
  • channel configuration: Channel 1 / Channel 2, Clean thru Distortion
  • footswitch function: Channel
  • preamp tubes: 4x 12AX7
  • power tubes: 4x EL84
  • rectifier tubes: 2x GZ34
  • channel 1 controls: Gain / Volume / Bass / Middle / Treble
  • channel 2 controls: Gain / Volume / Bass / Middle / Treble
  • speaker outputs: 2 x 8 ohm & 1 x 16 ohm

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