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Deluxe Backline Hire

Original Series Maple
Black Sparkle Finish

Natal Original Series Maple

Per Day : $154
Per Week: $462

Natal's 'The Original' Series feature limited edition drum kits which are available exclusively in the UK! The Original series Natal drum kits are constructed from All-Maple drum shells, each with an impressive split lacquer finish which gives a funky appearance. The Maple shells make for a versatile drum kit thanks to their wide frequency response and overall warm sounds. Each of the Natal Split Lacquer drums is fitted with a heavy-duty, die cast Natal badge, complete with Natal's Sun Logo. These drum badges are installed onto the shell and held by a rubber plinth which allows for optimum resonance.

FEATURES: 7-ply Maple Drum Shells, Die Cast Natal Badges, Natal Sun Lugs, 45 Degree Bearing Edges, Brushed Nickel Drum Fittings, Split Lacquer Finish

A choice of snare drums is available and one snare is included in the kit price. All kits are supplied in any 5-piece configuration for the listed price when available and include:

  • Kick Pedal
  • Hi-Hat Stand
  • Snare Stand
  • 3 x Cymbal Boom Stands
  • All Tom Hardware & Stool in SKB Cases.

Please note price does not include the hire of cymbals. Please refer to our Backline Hire Price List for cymbal prices and a list of snare drums available.

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