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C&C Custom Drums
Player Date II Maple
Kermit Sparkle Finish

C&C Custom Drums Player Date II Silver Sparkle

Per Day : $220
Per Week: $660

Building and restoring drum kits for more than 20 years makes C&C Drums what they stand for, today: Unique drum kits with an incredible sound you have never heard before. Some of the best drummers all over the globe enjoy our drums and believe what we believe in: 100% handmade american drum kits, our own Gladstone Shells and experience others can’t buy with money.

Gladstone Shells are made from the woods of the nearby and renowned Gladstone Woods. They are produced by C&C with the passion and vision to create different, exceptional shells. The willingness to experiment with – sometimes unique – wood combinations is what gives C&C kits their one-of-a-kind sound.

After more than 20 years of building customs drums at C&C, long-lasting dream comes true: Producing our first series which feature our own Gladstone Shells. The result: a leight-weight, completely U.S.A handmade vintage drum kit for club players... The PLAYER DATE. The Player Dates 7-ply mahogany shells are produced by C&C. We wanted to focus on one main objective: more wood, less glue. Becaus of that our thicker plys give a lower fundamental tone, which in turn gives a warmer sound. The shells offer a wide tuning range Gladstone’s objective is simple.

The Player Date is a quality, American-made drum set at a player’s price point. This line is comprised of two shell configurations that are designed to handle diverse playing situations and bring a unique, vintage-inspired sound back to the drumming world. The same expert craftsmen who build our custom lines make these drums. No detail has been overlooked in creating favorite amongst our artists and staff.

Designed as an extension of the Player Date I, our Player Date II has a warm, round tone that is a bit brighter than the Player Date I kit. It has enhanced mid-range and a smooth attack. Its 7 Ply Maple/Mahogany/Maple shell provides a wide tuning range and versatility. It comes standard with Metal hoops, Full Contact bearing edges, and our centered, double-ended Deco lug design. The Player Date II is perfect for situations requiring volume and projection. It is also very much at home in smaller size configurations, hearkening back to when Bop ruled the jazz scene.

A choice of snare drums is available and one snare is included in the kit price. All kits are supplied in any 5-piece configuration for the listed price when available and include:

  • Kick Pedal
  • Hi-Hat Stand
  • Snare Stand
  • 3 x Cymbal Boom Stands
  • All Tom Hardware & Stool in SKB Cases.

Please note price does not include the hire of cymbals. Please refer to our Backline Hire Price List for cymbal prices and a list of snare drums available.

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